I Love Lucy Day

Postage stamp depicting Lucy and Ethel in chef hats eating chocolates off a conveyor belt.
Postage stamp with a photo from the famous chocolate factory episode of the classic 1950s TV comedy series I Love Lucy. Lucy Ricardo and her friend Ethel Mertz (played by Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance) try to keep up with an increasingly speedy conveyor belt of chocolates.

Growing Up In the 70’s, She Was a True Tv Icon

Growing up in the 70’s, I really enjoyed watching anything that featured Lucille Ball. One of my favorite things to do was to plop down on the floor in front of our big console TV and watch “I lLove Lucy” right after dinner.

Her tv series was in reruns by the time I was old enough to watch and understand stand them. My favorite movie of hers is “Yours, Mine and Ours”.

I loved her and Bob Hope together too. And of course Desi and her where priceless.

Logo from I Love Lucy show. Grey heart with black text.

Lot’s of Firsts

Not only being one of the funniest female comedian’s in history but she was also the first women to run a major Hollywood studio for 12 years, then sold it for a reported $17 million! She was the first pregnant women to play a pregnant woman on tv. But to make every happy they used the word “expecting” instead. I even read somewhere that when I Love Lucy came on the air business would close early, meetings where canceled, pretty much everything closed down so you could get home to watch the show. That’s how much they loved her. In the episode Lucy Goes to the Hospital got more ratings than when President Dwight Eisenhower took the oath!

What was Lucy’s Favorite Food?

From doing some research to find some of Lucy’s favorite foods was not easy. But after doing a lot of looking to the point I don’t even remember what website I found it. I saw where she liked peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. So I thought I might take it up a notch for Lucy. I had been wanting to make this Fried PB & J Sandwich for awhile now so I thought today is the day, and bonus I have my granddaughter to try it out.

Four year old girl eating a fried PB & J  sandwich.
Penelope giving her approval for my PB & J Sandwich.ing

Hope you have wonderful “I Love Lucy Day!”

P.S. Now it’s time for popcorn, my “Fried PB & J Sandwich and my favorite Lucy movie. 

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