Who can resist fresh strawberries, especially when topped with Cool Whip or fresh whipped cream? Yummy!

Strawberries are without a doubt my favorite fruit and they always have been. Strawberry picking is so much fun as well. It has been so long since the last time I went, and every year I keep saying I gonna go, but then something always seems to comes up. Regardless, I head out to the store looking for the best strawberries. Usually the brand I buy is Driscoll. They have the biggest which are great for dipping in chocolate; sweetest and just all around the best.

I  always try to keep a pound cake, frozen fruit, and Cool Whip in the freezer at all times. Oh, and of course, ice cream.

We have that all year round and any flavor you like will work. Strawberry ice cream with chocolate sauce on top would be really good. I think I’ll try that one next when I get the opportunity.

This makes for a quick dessert that you can thaw the fruit and tub of Cool Whip in a bowl of cool water. Just make sure to keep the tub sealed and the fruit in the bag. Leave the pound cake on the counter for about 30 minutes, or a little longer as needed. Then follow the directions on the box.


I’m Jeanne, a wife, mother, Mimi and friend. I love to bake and chocolate is one of my favorites. I like to cook also when I can. I also suffer from psoriatic arthritis. I love eating out, spending time with my family and last summer started trying to garden. Flowers and a garden. I hope you enjoy and please stop by again! Enjoy, Jeanne

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